5 Essentials To Prepare Before You Propose To Your Loved One

If you are soon to be popping the question to your fiancée, there are many things to consider. It is at times like this when things often get overlooked, as we prepare for this most challenging of occasions and in order to ensure the right outcome, here are some essentials to cover when you propose marriage prior to the big day.

5 Essentials To Prepare Before You Propose To Your Loved One - propose marriage

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Why You Should Consider An Antique Engagement Ring

Every young man hopes to meet that special girl and when it happens and you have decided to pop the magic question, your choice of ring is critical. If you are going to be traditional and suddenly drop down on one knee and give a well-rehearsed delivery of your proposal, surprising her, then you are stepping into unknown territory. We are seeing a trend to move away from traditional practices, with many young couples jointly choosing the engagement and wedding rings, yet for those who are not consulting with their partner, here are a few good reasons why going down the antique road makes sense.

Why You Should Consider An Antique Engagement Ring

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Things to Bear in Mind When Filming Your Wedding

There has been a long-held tradition with hiring a wedding photographer to take your wedding photographs – it is a great way to help you preserve your memories of your special day. However, in recent years it has become more commonplace to hire the services of a professional  videographer to also capture live footage of your wedding day either working solo to produce a stunning wedding film, or in cooperation with a wedding photographer to get the best of both worlds.

Things to Bear in Mind When Filming Your Wedding

With the advancements of modern technology, just about everyone has a powerful camera built into their smartphone, and hand-held digital video cameras are now so compact, light and powerful that they can be easily carried in a jacket pocket or small carrying case. But this doesn’t mean that the owner of these devices can be relied upon to capture your wedding and have the necessary skills to produce your wedding video and deliver something in the style that you want.

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Wedding Photography – Smartphone or Photographer?

Taking photos and capturing memories on your smartphone is a way of life now. Uploading to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat is what we all do. In fact with all the editing software and filters available on smartphones we are all inspiring  photographers.

However, while society has increased its smartphone camera usage, wedding photography is one area that remains traditional. On most engaged couples wedding planning list is to hire a professional photographer.

Wedding photography - smartphone or photographer?

Here I will share with you why wedding photography is still very much important today.


Your photos will be precious memories of your special day. By not hiring a professional you may lose all those important details. Is it worth the risk to you?

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Costs That Come With Married Life

Who watched the Royal Wedding? Unlike Prince Harry and Meghan Markle your wedding could take years and years of planning! But what’s next when the vows are said and the day is over? Together with Angelic Diamonds, retailers of engagement rings, we take a look at the costs that you’ll face after the wedding day, from starting a family to moving to a bigger home.

the costs associated with married life

Starting a family

For many couples, having children is the next big step after marriage. In the US, the average time a couple waits between getting married and having a baby is three years. We started just before the wedding, but at that time it wasn’t meant to be. 

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Exotic Destinations to Renew your Wedding Vows

It’s nearly eight years ago we got married. Not sure where that time has gone! People in our position are now starting to think about renewing their wedding vows for the ten year wedding anniversary. Most people like to do this abroad in exotic destinations like the Caribbean, Dominican Republic or Jamaica. That’s where I would love to do mine.

In fact by renewing your vows abroad, you can incorporate it into a second honeymoon. A relaxing holiday on the beach while re discovering your love for each other sounds like a dream. Why not have another special big day in your life?

Exotic destinations to renew your wedding vows

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