Finding clothes for a tall man

Finding a pair of jeans or a longer t-shirt is a nightmare when your husband is 6ft 5 inches tall. I won’t go on about his size 14 feet! That’s another story.

Finding clothes for a tall man is nigh on impossible on the high street and supermarket clothing departments.

Many a time we have wandered through the racks at Tescos looking for a t-shirt that fits and doesn’t ride up past his tummy button. You would be surprised how short those t-shirts are!

He is not into ankle riders either, so as you can tell it’s hard to find clothes that fit.

The genius website that is Jacamo is ideal for my husband. They cater for the tall and larger men.

As shown in the photo below the length in the polo neck t-shirt is great. Plenty of length which in turn gives him a more comfort fit.

Finding Clothes for a Tall Man

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