Essential Back to School Stationery – The List

I know the kids have only now broken up from school for the Summer holidays, but everywhere you look in the shops the aisles are full of stationery supplies. When I was young getting all my stationery bits together was one of my highlights of the back to school thing.

Essential Back to School Stationery - The List

In fact only walking through a shop this week brought back the memories when I noticed in the pencil case section they had the Pepsi can shaped ones. I had one of these when I was like 13, some 22 years ago!

Having new back to school stationery shows great intentions and purpose for the school year ahead. It gives you a real buzz, confidence and the feeling you can achieve anything this year. Nothing is impossible! Let’s be honest though, it’s also the time to show off to your mates your funky new pencil case and new pen that you hope no one else has got.

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Reviewing Stationery from Printkick

I was a little girl when I first got obsessed with stationery. That love has never gone. My older sister travels for work and always brings back a pen or two from her travels around the world. One of my favourites was a strange looking pen from Utah!

When Printkick, a business and individual promotional stationery supplier got in touch asking if I wanted to review a few items from their range, I couldn’t say no. To be honest it’s great to add some supplies to my stationery pot.

Reviewing Stationery from Printkick

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Personalised Stationery from Ryman

Before I became I blogger I was always fascinated in stationery. Now that obsession has got bigger! Yes I’m calling it an obsession because I can’t go into any shops without checking out the stationery section. Personalised stationery is even more fun!

When we got the chance to get some items from Ryman and have them personalised, I thought it would be ideal for my blogging corner. Ryman offers personalised gifts and stationery items for the whole family. They are ideal for gifts, anniversaries, a new job, birthdays and Christmases. I think a personalised item is a very thoughtful gift. Ryman’s personalised range include pens, notebooks, mugs, diaries, prints, frames and gift wrap.

Personalised Stationery From Ryman

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National Stationery Week Giveaway

It’s National Stationery Week! and to celebrate I have this wonderful giveaway for all you stationery lovers out there. With stationery there is always something for everyone. Whether you are a pen lover, a doodler or a notepad fiend. I myself am a pen collector, if you leave a pen lying around, whoops it’s gone into my pocket! It’ just one of my habits, picking up other people’s pens. When I was younger I used to love going into the banks and collecting all the pens with the different phrases on.  The awful thing is I never use a pen until it runs out! I’m soon onto the next one.

So onto the giveaway. I have a fabulous set of Stabilo BOSS Original Pastel Highlighters, a set of pointMax pens and baby girl’s favourite – a set of Woody 3-in-1’s to win.

Everyone needs a highlighter. Myself as a blogger use them all the time to highlight important to-do stuff. The pastel shades are great to have.


Stabilo BOSS Original Pastel Highlighters

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National Stationery Week 24-30th April 2017

Today marks the start of National Stationery Week 2017. Each day throughout the week is a different theme to get involved with in the world of stationery. I think it’s a fantastic idea to go back to basics and have fun with all the different types of stationery out there.

National Stationery Week is a huge supporter of the #writingmatters campaign which is about how important handwriting is all around the world. I have to say I love to pick up a pen or a pencil and just write. I can write much better and faster than I can type!

National Stationery Week 24-30th April 2017

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Big Day Approaching? Don’t Forget These Important Things!

With so many elements that go into planning a wedding, it’s no wonder that certain things are overlooked. With so much to think about it’s easy for certain aspects to go completely out of your head! If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, don’t forget these important things.

wedding - Big Day Approaching?


Wedding Stationery

You’ll have probably given thought to your wedding invitations, but how about all of the other pieces of wedding stationery you might need? Personalised save the date cards, wedding and reception programs, even hen party invitations. You won’t need every type of wedding stationery that’s out there, but be sure to look into this in plenty of time. It gives you a chance to finalise your design and make sure everything goes out in plenty of time.

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