12 Tips On How To Design A Small Bathroom

We all know what we want out of a bathroom, but is it big enough for all your needs? Most bathrooms in modern houses are fairly small, to keep the other rooms as big as possible. As you know from my renovation series that my mum has designed and is having a new bathroom installed as we speak. She is lucky that her bathroom is a good size due, to it being in the extension part of the cottage. To help you achieve your dream bathroom here are some tips on how to design a small bathroom while keeping it stylish and up to date.

designing a small bathroom - shower

Image source Harrogate bathrooms

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Small Living Room Ideas, Designs and Inspiration

The living room is my favourite room in the house. It’s where we spend the most time. The space we have isn’t the biggest but I do love the coziness of it. We have been living here for 4 months so now is the time to think about how we want our space to be.

Small Living Room Ideas

Oak Furniture

One thing is for certain I want Oak furniture to feature. It’s timeless, worth investing in and very stylish. It will last for ever! There is something about Oak Wood, that makes a home feel warm. With it’s natural beauty and strength it will last forever.

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