The Importance of Reading to your Kids When They’re Young

Reading to your kids is important, but those who read to their kids every single day get way more benefits when compared to those who read to their kids once a week. Reading helps a child to increase their vocabulary and it also helps them to know how to read and write as well.

Of course, if you want to make reading a priority for your child then you can find out more right here.

The Importance of Reading to your Kids When They’re Young

Helping your Child to Succeed

The more you read to your child, the more knowledge they will be able to absorb and it will also help them in every aspect of their life as well. There have been so many studies done on this and they have all shown that reading to a child helps them to get a head-start with school. It’s so important for children to follow words on the page from left to right and it’s also important for them to be able to comprehend the words as they are spoken as well. By taking the time to read to your child, you can be sure to give them the support they need when it comes to their own future.

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Anyone Can Go Down The Road To Reading

Many people will tell you that they haven’t picked up a book since school.


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The curriculum requires kids to read heavy classics, and usually Shakespeare, too. For obvious reasons, these aren’t to everyone’s tastes. These one-off experiences can be enough to put you off for life. But, you shouldn’t let them. 

Coming to reading later in life can be hugely rewarding. It’s the perfect way to fill your time. And, who doesn’t like to return to learning during their later years?

One thing’s for sure; books have plenty to teach. To kick start a love you can cling to, find your bookish niche.

But, how do you go about it?

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What can parents do to unwind around the home?

Ever since I became a parent, I appreciate the odd spare moment I get to unwind around the home. Those moments are precious I can tell you! To relax and unwind I love to read. I can read anywhere. The bedroom , living room, bathroom and garden. Even the kitchen if I’m reading a magazine. Ultimately it’s the living room on the comfy sofa with a hot chocolate at this time of year.

In the Summer I find a shady spot in the garden or under the parasol to do my reading. Rattan Direct have some lovely garden furniture to unwind in the garden. Next Year when we move house I want to treat us to new garden furniture.

Reading in the garden - unwind, relaxing

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How can we help our children to learn about sharing? – WILF Books

I was contacted by the lovely people at WILF Books asking if they could guest post on my blog to let all you all know about their new sharing-based children’s book delivery service.

Now you all know how much I love books so I’m very happy to help. I think it’s a fantastic idea and I’m very delighted to spread the word of this service that they are offering.


WILF Books - Inspire Imagination book sharing childrens
Image from WILF Books


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