La Belle Assiette Private Chef Experience

Back in November we were asked to review the private dining experience with our very own private chef in collaboration with La Belle Assiette . We had our evening booked in for Saturday just gone, it was a blustery rainy Saturday night so we were glad to not be going out. That’s the beauty of having a chef come round and cook in your own kitchen. We didn’t have to worry about childcare, getting a taxi and could have a drink if we wished with high quality food in the comfort of our own home. Obviously I can’t drink as I’m pregnant!

Our Chef Daniel Kerr arrived in plenty of time before our guests arrived. I showed him briefly around our kitchen where the pots and pans were and left him to get on with the dinner. He brought all the fresh ingredients with him which were local to us. I’m all about local produce as Cornwall produces such high quality food all around us.

Private Chef home dining Experience with La Belle Assiette

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