Peppa’s Laugh and Learn Alphaphonics Review

My two and half-year old happens to be a Peppa Pig fan, much to her Dad’s dismay! We do watch it while he’s at work and she knows all of the characters. Her favourite being Peppa of course. The last few months we have been learning new words and phrases. She is like a sponge picking things up all the time. Just this week she has learnt her own name and goes around introducing herself. It’s very sweet to watch. She is starting Preschool next year so being asked to review Peppa’s Laugh and Learn Alphaphonics is a great start to her phonics and I’m sure will prepare her well.

 Peppa's Laugh and Learn Alphaphonics Review

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Frozen Desserts Review - Peppa Pig Ice Cream Lollies & WeightWatchers Sundaes

I have an enormous sweet tooth, as you probably know, so being asked to taste some frozen desserts was like hell yeah of course I will give them a go. Even the Peppa Pig Ice cream lollies!

Of course you can’t send ice cream through the post, so we were given a few coupons and a list of retailers to find our sweet fun frozen desserts. We packed up baby girl and out we went to various supermarkets that stock these lines. We couldn’t find any of the Thornton’s desserts stocked in any of my local supermarkets that was on our list, but we found these great tasting Peppa Pig strawberry ice cream lollies and the WeightWatchers toffee and honeycomb sundaes.

Peppa Ice Cream Lollies

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