How To Organise Moving House With Young Kids

Moving house with young kids. It’s not easy, but if you are super organised you can move house stress free. I’m going to share with you my organisation tips on moving house with kids. Also how to help your child cope with moving anxiety. You don’t want to move into your lovely new house, and your toddler takes one look around, says she wants to go home and vomits spaghetti Bolognese all over the floor. Yes this happened to me. I spent the first evening in my brand new house on my hands and knees trying to get the orange stain out of my expensive new cream carpet. Oh and I’ve learnt my lesson. If you have toddlers do not have cream carpets!

Moving house with young kids

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6 Questions You Should Ask Before Selling Your House

Selling your house can seem like an overwhelming task. In fact I would go on to say it’s one of the most stressful things in life. So you want to be sure you’re doing everything right, to get the best price for your home and to sell it quickly. Here are six questions to ask yourself before you sell your home so that you can sell with confidence.

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Selling Your House

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  1. Is now the right season to sell?

When selling a house, timing can make all the difference. This means picking a good time of year to sell, but also picking a good time in your own life and situation. Home sales often begin to pick up around late winter or early spring, peaking during the summer months as families often choose to move in between school years to make things easier on their children.

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Moving To A New House Can Be Stressful

Moving to a new house can be stressful it can be the most stressful thing in your life.

True fact.

I thought I knew what stress was, but I really didn’t until now.

Back in February we put our house on the market, we were going to buy a new build. A gorgeous 3 bed detached house and garage in a little plot all by itself with a large garden. Ever since I was little I always wanted a double fronted house, you know those ones that you draw in pictures when you were little.

Well this was my chance to get my own dream house.

new house

So anyway we had 3 estate agents come around and value our 4 bed 3 storey town house and when we were happy with the price it went on the market. We had on average a couple of views a week for 6 weeks but no one seemed to be biting.

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5 Tips On Making Your House Move Easier

We have been here in our new house for 4 months now. The Time has gone so much quicker than I anticipated. There is still boxes to unpack and pictures to be put up, but we are in. That was the most important thing for us. We have decided it’s our forever home, well unless we win the lottery!

5 Top Tips - Make your House Move Easier  - moving house you need to be organised, pack well, have a removal company to help, keep the cleaning equipment out, tea and coffee available, moving house tips, moving house checklist and who to notify

It’s in the perfect location for both our jobs. Close to the town but not right in the town like our last house. There is a primary school across the road which will come in very handy in the next few years. Plus we are lucky to have a small park, village hall, post office and local shop. It’s the perfect village life.

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Top Tips for Setting Up and Decorating a Home Office

I have never had a home office, when my husband worked at home a few years back, he had our spare bedroom set up as an office, but you know what men are like! He had a desk and a chair. Not very inspirational at all. So when we move into our new house next month, I plan to have my own home office space.

Top Tips- Setting up and decorating your home office.

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The Staggering Price Of Moving Home And What You Can Do About It

Our house is on the market right at this moment, and we have been saving for a few months now because moving to a new home can be frighteningly expensive. The good news is that there are all sorts of things that you can do to save money and reduce your outgoings.

Check out these ideas.

Tips on how to save money while moving home


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