How to Survive on Little Sleep as a Mum of Two

I have been a mum of two for 8 weeks now. Baby girl has always been a good sleeper and now at 28 months old she will easily sleep 12 hours a night. I forgot what it was like to have broken sleep when baby dottie came along. Now I’m surviving on a couple of hours here and there. My mum did say the other day I was looking very tired around the eyes and I know that I’m feeling it as my skin is looking dull and flaky.

Survive on Little Sleep as a Mum of Two

When I had baby girl it was Winter and those long nights without sleep to used drag and drag in those first few weeks until she established a good sleep routine. Now being the Summer this time around there is not many hours of darkness and it does make you feel better when the sun comes up. Plus being up hearing the birds outside is wonderful.

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