Nail-A-Peel Deluxe Colour Kit Review and Giveaway

Yesterday I reviewed the Gel-A-Peel Colour Change Kit, now today I’m back with the Nail-a-Peel Deluxe Colour Kit. This kit brings a whole new meaning to 3D nail art. Nail-a-Peel is the coolest, craftiest product promising sparkle, glitter and amazing colours. Nail-a-Peel offers fans a new way to paint and create their nails by designing in 3D, taking the in-home mani/pedi experience to a whole new level.

As with yesterday’s Gel-A-Peel you also have the chance to win a Deluxe Nail-A-Peel kit as well at the bottom of this post. But first here is what’s included in the kit and what I thought about it.

Nail-A-Peel Deluxe Color Kit Review


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Our Weekend Project: Nature Exploring with Anthisan

Baby girl has a new obsession with butterflies and bugs. Down the lane near where we live their are wide overgrown hedges which host an abundant of wildlife. I think it’s been an amazing Summer for butterflies and bees in our garden. We live close by to a watergarden as well, so we have seen a few dragonflies flying across the garden. They are so pretty. I really need to get some bug and insect cream in the cupboard ready for our adventures!

This weekend we have taken the opportunity to get out and have a look at what bugs we can find. The weather yesterday was a bit wet and muggy. So the waders and wellies came out! Anthisan were kind enough to send us a Nature Exploring Kit and the Ultimate Bugopedia. A fantastic book I may add!

Our Weekend Project: nature exploring with Anthisan

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CALPOL® discovers the next ‘Face of Fastmelts’ for Sixplus Fastmelts

CALPOL® was a lifesaver for us this past weekend when my baby had her 3rd set of immunisations. It’s a brand I trust, and my mum did when I was small. Since February CALPOL® have been searching for the ‘Face of Fastmelts’ for the CALPOL® SixPlus Fastmelts new packaging in store this Autumn.

The competition entailed parents and guardians around the country to share photos of their children doing what they love – everything from kicking a ball around in the garden, to practising their best karate moves, to getting creative whilst baking for charity.

All you had to do was to upload your photo onto the CALPOL®Facebook page. The competition was a huge success, with an incredible 21,000 entries! Then 100 entries were randomly selected and then whittled down to the top five. Each of those were awarded with a Merlin annual family pass, and invited to London for a professional photo shoot, as an opportunity to shine in front of the camera.

One entrant stood out from the rest and won the competition.

Here is the new ‘Face of Fastmelts’, introducing 7-year-old Indy from London. With her beautiful smile and on the go personality she is the perfect choice.

Indy the face of Calpol sixplus fastmelts

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The Social Journey with Mrs Wordsmith

I love subscription boxes and you can honestly get them for almost anything nowadays. The latest one we are reviewing is for baby girl. It’s an educational box for illustrated word learning by Mrs Wordsmith. We are reviewing the younger of the two, The Social Journey for ages 2-5 years. The older box is called The Narrative Journey and that’s for ages 6-13 years.

The Social Journey with Mrs Wordsworth

What is The Social Journey?

It’s about giving your children the opportunity to develop social and emotional intelligence with the right words, hilariously illustrated by the Hollywood artists behind Madagascar.

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Encouraging My Little Adventurer With The Play More Campaign

When I was a young child you would always find me outside, wind, rain or shine. Baby girl is exactly the same. She loves to get out in the garden as soon as she’s had her breakfast. She doesn’t come in properly then until tea time. I mean she pop’s in now and again to see what I’m up to. Or to catch me having a sneaky biscuit, but mainly she spends her day in the garden.

Encouraging My Little Adventurer With The Play More Campaign

With her being an outdoorsy girl I love to find her things to do outside. She has the usual slide, sandpit, water table, Little Tikes car, but I like to find her other educational things to do. She enjoys gardening with me, and looking after the chickens. So when Sudocrem got in touch to let us know about their Play More campaign with Chris Packham I knew this would be an excellent activity for my little adventurer.

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BIC KIDS Young Artist Award Celebrating Creativity

I love creative competitions, and this one with BIC KIDS and Mumsnet for kids looks like a lot of fun! With only a few days left to enter, now the kids are on holiday it’s a great time to take part.

So what do you need to do?

BIC KIDS are looking for a young artist of the year. Open to all 5-11 year old kids, entrants are encouraged to flex their creative muscles and draw with complete freedom. Judges will award points for everything from creativity and use of colour to composition and subject matter.

Here is a picture of last years winner

BIC KIDS Young Artist Award Celebrating Creativity

13 finalists will be selected by industry experts from marketing, publishing and illustration, with each finalist from a different region across the nation winning the chance to have their work displayed on billboards in their home regions.

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