How We Use The Internet On A Day To Day Basis

I started blogging 2 and a half years ago and I now I can’t imagine not blogging. It’s not a hobby anymore and it’s not my day job, it’s more like my whole life. I can’t describe the feeling when I see a new email in my inbox, I’m so excited to see what new opportunity has come my way!

The internet is so important to us I can’t describe how I feel without being near wifi! Panic sets in! I’m one of those social media junkies! Needing to catch up what’s going on in the world.

When we decided to move, more than a year ago now I did start to panic a little on how could I blog without the internet. You hear stories of people waiting weeks to get back online after they have moved.

How we use the internet on a day to day basis -#BroadbandAndMe

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