The Benefits of Messy Play For Children

Children love getting messy. Baby girl loves nothing more than jumping into muddy puddles. Or playing with her milk and Coco Pops. She loves to get her hands dirty. I love the benefits of messy play for children that it can bring to them. Messy play is also beneficial for babies as well, it can help with their cognitive development.

The benefits of messy play - The rise of messy play It is known that children have always enjoyed getting messy — from splashing in puddles to playing games in the mud, youngsters love getting their hands dirty!

Together with Infinite Playgrounds, designers of canopies for schools and advocates of sensory play, let’s take a closer look at messy play and how it can be implemented in schools and nurseries.

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Hopster – Children’s Development App Review

Many young children have access to some kind of tablet. To begin with when baby girl was around 20 months old, I thought she was far too young to use a tablet. Now I can see how beneficial it was to start her at that age. She is nearly 30 months old and has learnt loads from her Amazon Fire tablet. Such as shapes, colours and fruit (she has certain favourite games!)

When Hopster asked us to have a look at their kids learning app, I thought it would be great for her to look at some different games, online books, music and shows.

Hopster kids learning app

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We took the Wicked Uncle challenge

I love trawling around Twitter, reading blogs, entering a few competitions and looking out for blogger opportunities. So when I saw Wicked Uncle had put out a tweet looking for bloggers to take up their Wicked Uncle challenge, I answered their call.

You know me I love a challenge!

We took the wicked uncle challenge -Rachel Bustin

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