My Year In Review: 2017

My Year In Review – 2017 has been an eventful year. Lots has happened. Happy and sad. I have decided to go back through each month of 2017 and tell you a little bit of what’s happened throughout our year. I did this last year – you can read that post here.

My Year In Review 2017


From the words of my favourite film – Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start….


Ah January, this month was a huge decluttering time. We knew our house was going to go on the market very soon so it really was just clearing up after Christmas and getting the house photograph ready! At this point I had been back to work for a few months after maternity leave so was now in some kind of routine. I was getting well into blogging and posting most days. Although I did have one huge hiccup when I got hacked. It was a horrible time and made me so upset.

You can read my post here on  – What I learned from getting hacked and how to prevent it.


February was a special month. Baby girl turned 1 years old! Her first year had gone so fast. It’s amazing seeing her grow and develop into her own little character with a bright personality. We had her last Baby Sensory class on her 1st birthday which was lovely as they made it very special for her.

Next up in February was that our house was officially on the market. We had quite a few viewings to start off with, but it was from investors who wanted it for a knockdown price to rent out for the students and hospitals workers as we are very close by to the hospital. I was unimpressed with their offers.

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Income and Stats Report for November 2017

November has been a very fast month. It feels as if it’s flown by . Today is the first of December and it’s advent calendar time! Tomorrow we will also be putting up the Christmas tree. Please do pass over your tips for keeping a curious toddler away from it!

This month I might not be around on here quite as much because as a comper it’s the most amazing time of the year – advent competitions are here! I hope to enter as many as I can this year. It would be nice to win an iPad for my husband. It’s been on my list for the past few years. It may be my lucky year!!

Income and Stats Report for November 2017

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Income and Stats Report for October 2017

Well October went by really fast! It was such an exciting month for us as we went for our dating scan and so excited to become parents again! You can catch up my my Sunday Pregnancy Diaries here if you wish. I can’t believe it’s nearly halfway through November and I still haven’t got this post up yet.

This last month I have been busy collating items for my Kids Christmas Gift Guide. I always underestimate the time it takes to write it as well as get all the photos done. It was easily 6 hours in total.

Here we are at my Income and Stats report for October 2017.

(If you never caught up with last month’s you can find that one here)

Income and Stats Report October 2017


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5 Top Tips for Newbie Bloggers

It’s now over two and half years since I started blogging. Do you know what? It’s been the best time ever. I’ve found something I know I was destined to do. It’s the right time to start sharing my knowledge. I knew nothing about blogging at the start and learnt so much as I went along. In fact I’m finding that there is always more learning to do when it comes to blogging.

5 Top Tips for Newbie Bloggers

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This Advice Will Help You To Become A Successful Writer

Most people who enjoy writing in their spare time would love to earn money from their hobby, become a successful writer and turn it into a job. However, except for a few folks who manage to sell their stories to publishers, a significant percentage of those individuals will never create a penny income. That is the case even if the writer has a lot of talent. In most instances, anyone who wants to switch career and try writing just needs to think long and hard about the type of content they produce. Unfortunately fictional stories are never going to get as much attention as blog posts on niche subjects.

Considering that, this step by step guide will provide lots of advice about the best path to follow. 

This Advice Will Help You To Become A Successful Writer


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Income and Stats Report For August 2017

Well August was over pretty darn fast wasn’t it? Here we are at the start of September, one of my favourite months. Plus it’s only 16 weeks until Christmas!!!

August was a pretty good month for me income wise. I have read that a lot of bloggers find the Summer months slower and I can honestly say I didn’t find this the case for me.

I have been busy planning my Halloween posts for October and also planning what I intend to do with my Christmas Gift Guide this year. Last year I did a kid’s and a women’s and found it a lot of hard work. This year I’m just planning the kid’s gift guide and I have to say I have some lovely bits already to review ready to go in.

TIP: You can never plan too early so get those request’s out!

Income and Stats Report for August 2017

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