Baby Diaries #6 – Starting the Weaning Journey

Baby dottie has now turned 18 weeks old and we have had the third set of immunisations. The second set four weeks ago she took all in her stride and was fine. This time around she was pretty ill 24 hours after. She had a high temperature and was crying/teasy all day long. The only respite she got bless her, was when we sat outside in the cool air with the chickens.

Her hand eye coordination has improved immensely. She’s moving her hands all about now and starting to grab for things. My iPhone has ended up on the floor more than once as she’s tried to grab it! Then again she may be telling me something!

Baby Diaries #6 - Weaning (

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Baby Diaries #5 – Injections

Last week we had the dreaded 8 week injections although ours were at nearly 10 weeks due to the baby boom in our area. The appointments were all fully booked around the time we needed them. Never mind we have had them.

Ours were at 4pm. I don’t like them at this time of the day because if they have a reaction it’s over night time and not the day. I had baby girls injections in the morning and this was much better. Although they never affected her at all.

Baby Diaries #5 - Injections

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Baby Diaries #4 – Colic and Reflux

Last week we took baby dottie to see a cranial osteopath to help with her colic and reflux. Plus try and help her posture as she’s always a little scrumped up towards the right. Although she was a c section baby she was forceps delivered as she had sunk really far down into my pelvis. These left a little bruise above her left eye and a little bloodshot eye. All of this has contributed to her head and neck muscles being tight.

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Baby Diaries #3 – Second Time Around

I never knew having a second baby would be so hard. In fact it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted in my life. Being up by night then not having the chance by day to nap like first time around is a struggle. Running around after a toddler who has endless energy is hard.

Baby Diaries #3 - Second Time Around (1)

I always thought I would be able to cope, but I haven’t. This is extremely hard for me to admit, but I’ve needed help. I’m lucky that my mother in law just lives across the road and is always on hand to take baby girl outside for a walk or just to play in the garden so I can have some rest bite. Even if it’s just to watch Grey’s Anatomy!

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