Things to Look Out For When Reading Mattress Reviews from Simba or Eve

Things to Look Out For When Reading Mattress Reviews from Simba or Eve

When you compare the sleep industry today to what was there a couple of decades back, the change is quite evident. There’s no denying that the quality of sleep I get today is way better than what it was years back. That’s the case for most individuals. Every aspect of the industry has transformed and to the benefit of all – the sleeper, companies, bloggers, and researchers.

Some of the aspects that have changed include:

  • The bed quality
  • Features prioritized by consumers
  • Technology
  • Flow and quality of information
  • Marketing strategy adopted by brands among others

In this article, the focus is specifically on mattress reviews. With the dawn of the internet, you can find much of the information you need online. However, you must decipher what’s valuable and what isn’t. Simba and Eve are among the best mattresses from the European market and are a favorite for most. Therefore, you’ll find several reviews done on them online. Here are some of the things you’ll look out for when reading the reviews.

Simba is a hybrid available in two models The Simba Luxe and Simba Hybrid. Eve, on the other hand, is a memory foam bed.

Construction and Quality of Materials

mattress construction

Partly why Simba and Eve got so much publicity was the hype that they got. They are constructed with the best technology and have scientific backing. Therefore, in the review, look at the details of construction and quality of materials used.

Some of the things to look out for;

  • Is it foam, latex, spring or a combination? – Important because there are individuals who will not be comfortable in spring, latex or foam. Latex, in particular, has a unique feel that many are not familiar with. You may have to check out what the review says about sleep trial period if you want a trial run.
  • The quality of the materials used – What quality of foam, spring or latex is used. An example is the foam density, durability of the springs among others. Quality materials give the bed durability and a more extended warranty period.
  • The mattress construction – The number of layers, cooling features, etc.

Check out a review by It gives a detailed description of Simba’s design and materials. It’s an example of an exhaustive construction description.

The Firmness Feel

mattress firmness

The firmness rating of any mattress is essential. It is what dictates whether the bed will be an ideal sleeping surface or not. Your sleeping position will determine the most suitable firmness rating for you.

There are three options – Firm, medium-firm or soft. The majority of people prefer a medium-firm mattress. It’s the universal comfort feel. Simba and Eve are one-sided and have a universal firmness feel.

The firmness rating is critical because it determines the quality of comfort and support that you’ll receive. Check out Eve mattress reviewed and see how the firmness has been discussed in detail.

For those sharing the bed…

Sharing the bed can be a nightmare especially when your sleeping partner moves around a lot. Therefore, check out how motion transfer performs, though both beddings are constructed to limit motion transfer significantly.

The other aspect to look for is the edge support. If you’re sharing, you’ll want to utilize the entire bed surface. The mattress will require strong support at the edges.

Hot Sleepers

Good quality sleep is essential to our overall wellbeing. Our mental, physical and emotional health relies on it. A lot of times, we fail to get that quality rest because of too much heat. Hot sleepers in particular struggle with this problem.

The mattress design and quality of materials used contribute significantly to the bed’s cooling effect.


Not every mattress available on the market will complement your sleep needs and preferences, even if that bed is among the best in the industry! There are specific features to look out for to ensure that you get an enjoyable sleeping experience. I have given pointers that can guide you when reading reviews on Europe’s most famous brands – Simba and Eve. They both a similar comfort feel but different construction designs.


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  1. Unfortunately ive already fallen for a mattress that didnt suit my needs – once bitten – i always warn others of marketing ploys

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