4 Hands-Free Gadgets Every Twin Mom Needs

Part of becoming a mom means you’re constantly working on perfecting your multitasking skills. Whether it’s trying to get house chores done, getting your daily workout in, working from home, or getting dinner ready, you’ll learn to appreciate the gadgets made to give you an “extra set of hands” when help isn’t around. If there’s one thing all newborn moms can use it’s some added assistance and these gadgets are made to do just that. 

4 Hands-Free Gadgets Every Twin Mom Needs - Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag

Although crossbody styles and shoulder styles may be popular, keep in mind that those limit your accessibility as far as movement goes. If possible, choose a backpack style diaper bag, or at least has the versatility to switch to one. Backpacks are easier to manage when you need both arms free to hold your baby without worrying about a bag sliding off your shoulder or smacking up against your leg every time you take a step. Bottle feedings and diaper changes in public places are also easier because you’ll never have to set your bag down. 

Baby Chest Carrier

Most newborns love being held by mom, some even prefer to fall asleep on her chest. However, this can become somewhat of a disadvantage when you’ve got a deadline on a project due for work, have a dishwasher full of dishes to unload, or have a workout you’re trying to sneak in. For moments like these, a baby chest carrier is your savior. You can keep your baby snug and close to your chest without having to actually hold them. You can fold laundry or get dinner started without worrying about keeping an eye on your baby since they’re basically joined at your hip. 

Bath Sling

There are a lot of fancy baby bathtubs on the market, and even though some may be tempting to purchase simply because of their impressive design, there’s only one thing you really need to give your babies a proper bath and that’s a sling. A sling is meant to keep your baby in an upright position to avoid getting water near their ears, nose, and mouth, without having to hold them the entire time. With your hands-free, you’re able to pump the shampoo bottle and lather your baby’s hair while you wash every nook and cranny without worry.  If possible, invest in a bathtub that comes with a hammock and grows with your baby. 

baby sling

Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is no easy task. It becomes a full-time job as a mom that at times can overlap with other responsibilities. Why pause in the middle of the task at hand to pump when you can keep going? An electric, hands-free breast pump is the best way to produce more milk in less time since it pumps for you. Better yet, some don’t require you to be near an outlet. Of course, movement is limited so it would be best to use while sitting as you balance that spreadsheet for work, fold laundry, or just tend to your baby. 

The best thing about these items is that they are reusable.  If this is your first baby and plan to have more, or if you’d like to donate these items to another mother in need, they will have plenty of use left when you’re done with them.

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