Word of the Week 25/03/2016

This week I have chosen Independence as my word of the week as I have gained back the ability to go out in my car and drive again. I had a c- section with baby girl which you can read about here in My Birth Story, so was advised not to drive for 6 weeks as it would have invalidated my car insurance. To be honest the first couple of weeks I didn’t feel like going anywhere anyway, but these last few weeks have been hard as I live 20 mins away by car from my mum and she doesn’t drive so I have been waiting till my husband was off at the weekend to go around there.


Independence - Word of the Week

So this week gaining my independence back has been a big thing for me. My first trip out with baby girl was around to my mums on Wednesday. It felt strange to get behind the wheel as my tummy did not hit the steering wheel, unlike the last time I drove!
On Thursday morning I took baby girl to our local Health Visitors drop in centre to get her weighed and measured. It felt very daunting to take her by myself for the first time and it was tipping down with rain! So getting the rain cover over the car seat was a challenge but I was very proud of myself for getting out. In the afternoon we both had our 6 week check up with the doctor, which all went very well.
This week has been a really big week for me getting my independence. It’s funny how people rely so much on cars nowadays but don’t realise it until its taken away from you.
I hope you have all had a lovely week and have a great Easter eating loads of chocolate!
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