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Welcome back to our second week of New Mum Stories. This week we have Jules from PonderingParenthood telling us about the struggles she had in her first week as a mum.

Over to you Jules.


Hi, I’m Jules and I blog over at My blog is a mixture of reviews, guest posts and writing from the heart about life with my hubby and baby girl, Little M.

little m from pondering parenthood

I suppose I would be considered a new mum, as I’m writing this on the eve of my baby daughter being on this planet for ten whole weeks. However, while on paper that seems such a relatively short period of time, it already feels as though this little girl has been in our lives forever.

Already that first week of utter hell feels like a distant memory, and, while we don’t really do routines, I feel as though we have settled in to our own little rhythm as a family and Little M is showing her personality more and more each day, with cheeky smiles and different noises and cries for her different needs. It feels as though we know her so much better as a little person now, and has become so much more rewarding.

You might have been shocked to read that I consider my first week of motherhood ‘hell’. It’s supposed to be all newborn cuddles and earth-mother bonding loveliness, surely?

Well, I hate to burst your bubble but that wasn’t my experience. My first week consisted of being virtually unable to move due to pain from my c-section, finding breastfeeding nigh on impossible with purple nipples and a baby who didn’t want to feed for long enough resulting in a loss of weight which triggered a stressful feeding plan and terrible advice from my midwife, which culminated in completely knocking my efforts to breastfeed ‘properly’ on the head.

Add to that an ill-advised, IBS-inducing curry virtually force fed to me by my well-meaning husband who was concerned about my lack of ‘proper’ food intake and yes, I’m afraid that first week was utter hell! Thank goodness I can look back on it now with a sense of humour.

Ten weeks on things all feel a lot more manageable. Little M is growing well after recovering her birth weight a little later than we hoped, but she got there in the end and now guzzles milk (expressed from the breast, fed in a bottle), as though she hasn’t been fed for a week, at each feed.

I’m loving discovering more about her little personality each day and can’t wait to see the person she grows up to be.


Thank you very much Jules for joining New Mum Stories.

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4 thoughts on “New Mum Stories: Pondering Parenthood

  1. I’m five weeks in and, like you, that first week was not fun. Or the second week. But I am loving it now. I too had a c section. And was not enjoying breastfeeding. But fortunately I had some good advice from a midwife and managed to keep going with the breastfeeding. Sorry you didn’t have the same.

  2. I’m so glad things are going well lovely – I had a c-section too and really struggled in those first few months. Even when I think back now to the pain during those moments when I inevitably forgot to take painkillers on time, it makes me wince and wonder how I got through it! Much love to you, really enjoyed reading xx

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