Shopping Online This Christmas With Boom25

Shopping online this Christmas is big business for retailers. With the change in technology, statistics suggest that around 42% of people do some shopping online. With many apps available on smartphones, a lot of these transactions are on mobiles. Large busy crowds and heavy shopping bags put people off going in to stores. 

Shopping online this Christmas

With the UK’s purse strings being tightened in many households, new ways to save money is becoming extremely popular. I’ve always been into money saving. One way I do this is by winning all my families Christmas presents throughout the year. As you know I’m a huge comper and was entering competitions for many years before I got into blogging. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve won!

Stumbling across Boom25 has mixed my love of saving money with entering competitions. If you have a passion for comping and wanting to earn some cashback for Christmas then you need to check it out. 

What is Boom25?

Well as it states “We’re not your regular boring cashback site..” on the main page, and they are right! Unlike ordinary cashback sites, where you only get a small percentage of your total back, Boom25 gives you the chance to win all your money back.

Shopping online this Christmas with Boom25

How Does Boom25 Work?

Looking over their website, it’s pretty easy to use. Just sign up to the free site using your name and email and choose yourself a password. In your personal account area it will track your shopping activity and give you your winnings and bonuses totals. You shop as you normally would once you have chosen your retailer. There are hundreds to choose from. Next think luck thoughts that you were the 25th winner! You have a 1:25 chance of winning your shopping bill back. It does get paid through PayPal so you have to minus their fees from your win.

Shopping online this Christmas with Boom25

Is It For Me?

Honestly, I’m not sure yet. I might change my mind if I get a win. I do my weekly shop online and Boom25 supports all the major supermarket retailers, but it’s not guaranteed cashback like the regular sites. The comper in me will keep trying it out and maybe I will get lucky.

Thanks for stopping by today, you may enjoy my other money saving tips.

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