Alternative Ways to Share Your Memories with Family and Friends

Okay so, I know that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all really useful ways for keeping in touch with family and friends when you spend time apart. But, sometimes it sucks that the main way to keep in contact with loved ones that we’re far away from is by posting on a Facebook wall, favouriting a tweet or liking an Instagram post. We have a lot to thank social media for and it is a great tool for communication but, sometimes it’s a little too generic and takes away the personal touch that other methods have.

With this in mind, I’ve put together a few alternative ways that you can share your memories with family and friends, to ensure you don’t became another face in an endless sea of Facebook friends:

share your memories


There’s nothing more exciting than getting home from work and receiving a hand-written letter. The anticipation, trying to decipher the handwriting, wondering who could have possibly spent the time and effort writing you a handwritten letter and then gone out to buy stamps and nipped to the Post Office to send it, makes a letter all the more special.

Send a Parcel

Trump wishing someone happy birthday with a few emojis and a cute message and make the effort to send them a parcel with a little present. With couriers like TNT offering an amazing range of delivery services, including same day delivery, you can get a parcel to a friend in no time and without spending very much money at all. This will show them how much more you value them as a friend than a social media message, gaining you some extra friend points for sure.


One of the most thoughtful ways to share your memories, with family members especially is by posting them a photobook of all your adventures. Be sure to get creative by sticking in ticket stubs and maps of the places you’ve visited, relatives will love looking through all your great memories.

Now, with all these alternative ways to share your memories with family and friends whilst you’re away travelling, sending a tweet or liking an Instagram post doesn’t have quite the same effect, anymore does it? Get creative and go the extra mile for your friends and family, they’ll be sure to appreciate it!

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