Trends for 2020 You Need To Know About

Trends for 2020. According to futurist Lucie Greene, founder of research company Light Years, 2020 looks to be a year of contradictions, she says that the next 12 months will see consumers wanting luxury, but only if it is seen to be virtuous. For example, there has been a major trend towards travel and “experiences over stuff,” but there has been a rise in the awareness that experiential culture is also damaging the environment. So, from colors for bridesmaid dresses to Vegan Cheese being grown in a lab, what will the biggest trends be for this year?

Trends for 2020 You Need To Know About
Trends for 2020 You Need To Know About

Female-focused tech

Gaming is going mainstream, and it’s swapping gender. Females are taking over tech, with online launches such as Drest by Porter, which has been dubbed fashion’s Farmville, and at the same time, female founders of tech companies are reinventing online spaces for women with the new social network The Cru.

New Superfoods

Fancy a plate of sea buckthorn, teff, and lard this year? Move over smashed avocado and chia seeds and make way for Sea buckthorn. Sea Buckthorn is also known as Siberian pineapple and contains 15 times more vitamin C than oranges. It is all of a sudden appearing on the menus of Michelin-starred restaurants across the country, as well as in skincare and juice. Teff is an Ethiopian staple that contains three times more iron than traditional grains, and then there’s lard, which is increasingly appearing in hip restaurants. Yum!

Virtuous Holidays

More and more people are turning to trains over planes and seeking to reduce their environmental impact. However, they still want to go away, so breaks in ecological locations will be the hot new thing. 

Lab-grown dairy

A US start-up called Perfect Day are making dairy proteins – whey and casein – that are nutritionally identical to proteins from cow’s milk without the aid of a cow. The company says that its products contain the same nutritional benefits as real milk while using 98 percent less water and 65 percent less energy. You can expect to see more of this kind of thing this year.

Virtual Spas 

BreatheVR by Neon uses a virtual-reality headset to guide you through breathing exercises as you ‘walk’ through beautiful meadows, while Dazed Beauty recently opened its own Dazed Digital Spa, delivering meditation podcasts, yoga classes, and interactive color therapy. 

Digital Detoxing 

You’ll have heard of digital detoxing before no doubt, but the trend looks set to get bigger in 2020 where we will see a rise of people coming to the realization that having experiences and being present in those moments create a far richer life than flocking to social media platforms and being glued to their smartphones. 


People are talking more and more about the healing power of nature, and people are even prescribed gardening to help with their anxiety and depression. The concept is known as ecotherapy and refers to any outdoor activity which positively impacts an individual’s health or wellbeing. So, it could be gardening, walking, horse-riding, or anything that involves getting outside. 

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