Will You Be Celebrating New Year’s Eve With fireworks?

I know it’s not quite Christmas yet, so New Year’s Eve may still seem a while away. But in fact its less than 2 weeks away!

A lot of people celebrate seeing the New Year in with fireworks. But are you aware of the dangers associated with fireworks?

Celebrating New Year's Eve with Fireworks

The NCC Home Learning website has produced a quiz to help you sharpen up on your firework home safety skills. I have tried it and only got half right! It really is helpful to take and know your dangers.

I have learnt from taking the quiz that 3 sparklers burnt together at the same time is as hot as a blow torch, isn’t that crazy? Most firework accidents are caused by sparklers, this is something I honestly didn’t know.


Fireworks can be very dangerous is not used or stored correctly. If you are planning a garden display this New Year’s Eve for your family and friends please bear in mind some safety guidelines.

  • Store the fireworks in a cool, dry place away from children and pets before you plan to use them. Never store under the stairs.
  • Think head and be prepared. Where will you keep the box of fireworks while the display is going on?
  • Don’t wear loose-fitting clothes.
  • Only have one person in charge of lighting the fireworks. Don’t light them all at once and don’t be in a rush.
  • Light the fireworks at arm’s length using the safety wick supplied and if it doesn’t go off, don’t go back to it. Leave it alone.

So if you are planning a New Year’s Eve party, please sharpen up your safety skills with the quiz and be mindful of the dangers around you.

Happy New Year!


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