My Word of The Week 29/05/2015

This is My Word of the Week – Tired
Tired, an adjective – in need of sleep, or rest; weary
I am linking up with thereadingresidence once again with their fabulous Word of the Week linky. I have linked up quite a few times now and really love browsing over other bloggers Word of the Week’s and seeing what they have got up to! It does seem a little nosey but sometimes you can’t help but peek into other people’s lives, as they always seem much more interesting than your own. 

So on to My Word of the Week, Tired. I have been attempting the Blog every day in May (#BEDM) challenge, and have been doing fairly well for me so far until this week……….
I think my total feeling of exhaustion and tiredness started when we went up to see Jimmy Carr’s tour at Plymouth Pavilion’s last Saturday. (I am currently writing a review on his show at the moment, which will be ready in a few days) Plymouth is 60 miles away from where I live in Cornwall so it is a really tiring journey there and back and it was Bank Holiday Weekend as well double traffic!. We didn’t get home till about 1am and I haven’t caught back up on the sleep I missed all week. 
I have always been a person who always goes to bed early and early to rise, so heading to bed at 1am does me no favours for the rest of the week…. I must be getting older!
Rachel xx
The Reading Residence
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11 thoughts on “My Word of The Week 29/05/2015

    1. Hi, I don't really have an answer to your question of how to come up with blog ideas everyday! My head is always full of ideas, and i'm always thinking about the 3rd or 4th post down the line. Some of my best ideas have come from when I have been washing the dishes or when I have been in the shower. xx

  1. I think the #BEDM is an amazing challenge and something I know I couldn't keep up! Although I am a late bird, I would rather but up until midnight than get up early in the morning, however 1am is very late (or should that be early?!) to go to bed.
    Totally understand why you're tired; I hope the concert was worth it!

    1. Jimmy Carr was completely worth being tired for! The #BEDM challenge is an amazing thing to attempt for bloggers and now we are at the end of the month I feel very proud of myself to have written 25 out of 31 posts throughout the month. xx

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