How to Search for the Best Mobile Phone Contract

In the next few days, I can upgrade my phone and contract. Woohoo! It felts like ages I have been stuck with my phone, mind you its been a couple of years. So how do you search for the best mobile phone contract?

Do you have a look on the website of the provider you are currently with?

Do you pop into your local phone shop?

How to Search for the Best Mobile Phone Contract

Do you get on the phone and ring up your network see if you can haggle a deal?

Or do you use one of those comparison sites? There are comparison sites for everything nowadays.

But this time I feel the need to shop around. I think it’s because not only to save money (now have to buy nappies and wipes!) but also I never seem to use all those pesky minutes I have attached to my contract – what a waste!

Wouldn’t it be good if you could share your ‘minutes’ with family and friends that have run out? You have after all paid for them, haven’t you?

My first mobile was a Nokia 3310. These mobiles were all the rage when I was at college. We all loved to play snake at lunchtimes.

No iPhones then.

The only contracts you can seem to get now are for iPhones or Samsung’s. They are all getting bigger in size as well. We will soon be back to the bricks!

I think searching for the best mobile phone contract is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You will never find the one with the correct minutes and data. I suppose the only good thing is that they all seem to have unlimited texts. But if you truly are stuck, and need a little help why not give the GiffGaff contact number a call? They are helpful and will answer your questions immediately.

Those of us who have an iPhone which is actually a lot of people in the world, use iMessage so no need for texts. Nevertheless, we all end up paying for them. All those unlimited texts that we never use.

What a waste of money.

Anyway, rant over. Let’s get back to searching for the right mobile phone contract.

So I have looked and looked but cannot find anything that will suit me. I know I will keep to an iPhone as I love their apps and how the phone works.

But as for the minutes, data and texts package who knows. I’m just guessing I will have to compromise and go for one of their packages.

I like the idea of SIM only contracts as I have had one in the past. Only this time I really need a new phone. The battery lasts for a couple of hours if I’m lucky. My new handbag accessory at the moment is my spare phone charger. It goes with me everywhere. I’m always sapping someone’s electricity!

A blogger needs their phone on them at all times. You don’t want to miss that important snap you can use on Instagram tomorrow, or reply to that email you have been waiting forever for,

and so the quest for the perfect mobile phone contract continues……

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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  1. Hope you got your phone mine has needed upgrading for the last few months and not got anywhere yet I have a Samsung galaxy which really isn’t that good I’m looking for a budget one too that has more space and a better camera but not much luck so far

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