Five Cost-Effective Workshop Ideas

If you are starting up your own craft business or opening your first Etsy shop, you might need a little bit of extra space. Using the kitchen table can do for a while, but as your stock grows and you need to hit deadlines for orders, you might need to get some more space and storage. Creating your workshop in your home can be challenging, and you might not want to spend a lot of money on an extension, or moving house.

Below you will find some great home workshop ideas you can put into action on a budget.

Summer House in the Garden

If you get a cheap wooden summer house, you might be able to get electricity in there. There are several designs that have plenty of windows for you to get natural light for working. Some of them have insulation, and you can get a portable heater in the winter. If you only use the summer house for your workshop, you can have matching wooden shelving inside, so you can store your raw materials and tools.


You might want to get a lean-on orangery to work in. This way, you are never too far from your family, and get plenty of light for work. You can take up a part of the orangery for your tools and worktop, and the rest can still be used for relaxing and entertaining friends. Having this solution is better than using your spare bedroom that will be smaller and darker. On the other hand, you will need to move your items when one of your friends decides to stay overnight.

Loft Area

A simple solution is to turn your loft area into a workshop. Many people have successfully completed the project, and managed to get sewing machines and professional lighting installed. Make sure that you have professional loft windows fitted that are adequately glazed, so you don’t get cold on winter days, and get enough light to work with.

Five Cost-Effective Workshop Ideas

“Loft Conversion. Sam.” by Phil Campbell is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Garage Workshop

You can use your garage as a temporary workshop or storage, as many others do. However, you must make sure that the family car doesn’t get neglected. If you have a carport, you can leave the car outside while you are working and securely store it in the garage after you finish.

Self-built Steel Structures

If you feel adventurous enough, you can build your own small workshop. Thanks to the advanced technology, now you can build your own steel building on a budget. The benefit of a steel building is that it is strong and can be tailored to your needs. You can decorate the interior how you like it, and take it apart when you are ready to move.

Five Cost-Effective Workshop Ideas

“Garage/Workshop” by John Coley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Having your own workshop where you can chill, create beautiful crafts, and run your business from can be your long-term dream. If you are looking for a little more space and privacy, without building an extension, you can turn your existing space into a relaxing and beautiful working area for much less than you would expect.

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