A Quick and Easy Football Betting How-To

Betting is a popular activity and football is the top sport to bet on, only rivalled by ever-popular horse race betting. But even if you’ve been a lifelong lover of football, you might be new to betting on it. This is a quick and easy football betting how-to to get you started.

A Quick and Easy Football Betting How-To

Know the Sport Inside Out

When you start betting regularly, you’ll quickly learn that you need to have some knowledge and information on your side in order to make the right choices and choose your bets wisely. It’s important to know more than just which teams have done well that week – you need to have a broader understanding of the sport as a whole, which players are doing well and which aren’t performing their best, which managers are overseeing teams and so on. These details will inform your bets and the more you know, the better those betting decisions will be. 

Favourites Don’t Always Win

Betting newbies can be tempted to go for the racing tips favourites every time because it feels like an easier route to success, but favourites only win around a third of the time so they could be a bad value bet. So, using that knowledge that you’ve gained, make sure that you do your research and don’t just rely on the favourites as you could be missing out on a great opportunity. 

Shop Around

Brand loyalty gets emphasised a lot, but where betting is concerned, you could be losing out on money by sticking with the same bookmaker each time. Companies will try to lure you in with deals, from loyalty schemes to in-shop offers. But don’t forget to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best price – an odds checker can be a great asset here to ensure you’ve got the best price for your bet. Your research should tell you whether these offers are suitable for your match but be prepared to be flexible and put in the effort to look around first. 

Don’t Make Too Many Selections

It might seem like common sense, but punters often forget that the fewer selections you include, the higher your chance of winning is. If you’re betting because you want to win the big bucks, then you need to think smaller rather than bigger. Even choosing one selection or one team for your bet could be enough depending on how much you stake, but it’s advisable to stick between two or three at the most. 

Opt for the Less Obvious Markets

You know the world of football well by now so you should be aware that there’s more value in more markets than just the obvious ones that the bookies are offering. And you can find great prices if you look hard enough. Even just a little bit of research into the top scorers for different teams or how well a team has been performing in the most recent league can help you determine their chances in the upcoming match to help you get greater value, even if it’s not what’s immediately obvious.

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