Love Millie - Customisable Clothing for Kids

It’s funny as before I had baby girl I didn’t know anything about kids clothes, didn’t realise how quickly toddlers grow, didn’t realise that the age on kids clothes doesn’t mean a lot if you have a bigger than average child.  It’s only recently that baby girl is coming into her own style and much prefers hoodies and trousers to dresses and skirts. I mean how can a toddler climb around in the mud in a dress? I don’t mean to be stereotypical but she isn’t a ribbons and dress kind of girl. My husband and I have always been open to what she wears. She is very much like I was when I was younger – into the outside life playing with sticks and stones. She is obsessed with grabbing handfuls of gravel when we are out, so loves to be in her wellies and dungarees.

Love Millie - Customisable Clothing For Kids

We were asked by new business owner Love Millie to try out their website and designing an item of clothing. After spending a while browsing through the site we decided to design a hoodie. Perfect for my rough and tumble toddler!

Love Millie kids Pink hoody

Using Love Millie

Love Millie is very easy to use, it’s a website where you can customize children’s clothing of all ages, so each item really is one of a kind!

To order you firstly have to choose your item. Love Millie have a wide range of customisable products for you to choose from. The ages range from 0-24 months in the babies section, then 3-13 years in the children’s section. There are also a range of accessories to choose from including baseball caps and rucksacks.

Next you can build your Millie look adding hairstyles, expressions and accessories, then if you want you can add a name to the item.

Finally, simply add to your basket.


Love Mille - How to Order


We designed this cute smiley face with blonde pigtails and bows. I love the fact that the hairstyle is furry to the touch. The items are of great quality and you can see that each product is lovingly made.

The idea around Love Millie is fantastic, as well as making great gifts, I’m sure kids would love to be involved designing their very own t-shirt or hoody. They will also design bespoke items for clubs and groups.

Love Millie smiley face

As you can see baby girl loves her pink Love Millie hoody. She also has an affection for teaspoons at the moment as well!

baby girl wearing pink love millie hoody

If you like the sound of Love Millie why not head over to the Love Millie website to design your very own clothing?

Thanks for stopping by today.

*We were gifted this hoody in exchange for this post.



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