10 Facts and Benefits of Choosing a Prefab Home

Real estate can be a wonderful investment – or it can be a money pit. When it comes to buying a house, there’s no guarantee either way, and the price of homes has escalated to almost impossible costs, depending on where you choose to live.

With the uncertainty that takes place in the real estate market on a regular basis, it’s no wonder that many people are turning to prefab homes to be the place where they hang their hats, but is this choice a safe, secure one? The answer, for many, is a resounding YES!

10 Facts and Benefits of Choosing a Prefab Home

Before you decide to buy your next home, consider these ten facts and benefits about choosing a prefab home to live in.

10 Reasons Why Prefab is a Smart Choice

1. Prefab homes are not mobile homes. Prefab homes are built indoors and have to conform to a set of specific rules, strict guidelines, and stringent building codes that meet or exceed those of on-site homes.

Prefab, or modular, homes are placed on permanent foundations, whereas most manufactured homes are not. Modular homes are simply built off-site instead of on-site, but the same care and quality go into them.

2. Prefab homes are energy efficient. Because these types of homes are designed with extremely tight seams and up-to-date technology, they are able to keep heat where it is supposed to be, thus reducing your energy bills.

These homes are considered a form of green living, too. Living in a prefab home helps you to reduce your carbon footprint immensely.

3. Modular, or prefab, homes are built to last. The common myth is that prefab homes are the same as mobile homes and therefore are flimsy and unsuitable for areas with extreme or unpredictable weather conditions.

In fact, though, prefab homes actually are placed into a foundation like other homes, and the tight construction that goes along with them makes them able to hold up during many natural disasters. Most modular homes are built to withstand 175 mph wind.

They are durable, and they are flexible in design. You can purchase a prefab home that looks modern, rustic, or anything in between.

4. Your new home does not have to take years to construct. One of the most common complaints about having your own home built (besides the cost) is the length of time it takes for all of the architects, contractors, and other workers to get their section of the job done. Often, building a home can take a year or longer.

However, with a prefab home, quick, quality construction is part of the package. The parts come to you pre-made and you just have to assemble and connect your utilities to them. It’s already partially made, so even if you have to have help, it will take less time and cost less in labor.

5. Prefab homes are affordable. Many aspects of prefab homes contribute to the cost-saving. For one, you need less laborers working for less time to put your new home together. For two, they are more energy-efficient, saving you money in a compounded way.

Your prefab home can be customized to your specifications, so they can go anywhere from comparable to a used home to more expensive than a brand new one, depending on your style, taste, and choices, but overall they are a more affordable option than buying an existing home.

6. Your prefab home company can handle the utilities details. With these types of homes, you have to make sure your site is level, then lay the foundation and take care of having the sewage and electricity connected, as well as the water.

However, many prefab companies, will take care of each of these items for you at a minimal extra cost.

7.  Modular homes appraise comparably to their on-site counterparts. If your modular home is built “off-frame,” it will appraise similarly – or sometimes even better – than traditionally built homes.

The difference between “off-frame” and “on-frame” prefab homes is that off-frame homes are lifted off of the steel frame that carries them to the site and are placed onto a permanent foundation. On-frame modular homes stay on the steel beam chassis that they are carried on and are considered more similar to a mobile home than a modular home.

8. You can even choose a modular home for your office building. Many small businesses looking to start smart and own their real estate rather than rent from a bigger company invest in modular offices. These are considered permanent structures and therefore they are the business’s property, with all of the benefits that the extra assets entail.

Because home and business loans for prefab houses and offices are the same as for site-built loans, it is a savvy business move to create your own prefab business rather than purchase often pricy commercial property or rent a space and never see your money going towards your own investment.

9. Modular home companies utilize computer-aided design. Many prefab companies have engineering departments that use CAD to help you design your own custom-made home. From size to style, you can create your dream house and have it constructed quickly.

10. Just the facts – the conveniences of prefab living speak for themselves. Even though they are built on foundations, you can use a crawl space or basement as part of those foundations. They can be built to be accessible for any disabilities, too.

Research Your Options – Traditional or Prefab?

When you begin to really research what “prefab” actually means, a whole new understanding of your options opens up to you. Instead of being coerced into that traditional home that you may not be able to afford or designing and building your own home but being unable to live in it for years as it’s being constructed, look into your prefab choices.

The facts speak for themselves. If the banks, home loan lenders, and IRS consider prefab homes to be comparable to traditional homes, there must be some authenticity to them after all!

Do your research to see what prefab companies serve your area. You may find that you can get a better home with the conveniences and styles that you prefer for a similar or cheaper price!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed reading my tips on choosing a prefab home.

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