How To Take Care Of Your Dentures

With the latest dental technology, dentures can look very realistic. If you have the money, you can get a set of dentures that people will not be able to tell are not real. However, if you wish your dentures to keep looking bright and shiny, you will need to take excellent care of them and ensure that you handle them with care. Below you will find some tips that you may find useful to help you take care of your dentures and keep them looking in pristine condition.

care of your dentures

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Handling Your Dentures With Care

As dentures can be damaged quite easily, you will need to ensure that, when you remove them, you either do so with a sink full of water or with a towel underneath you in case, they slip and fall. If you do have an accident, you will need to look for denture repairs in Brisbane before you use them again and have them repaired. If you keep on using the dentures while they are damaged, you may further damage them or leave them unrepairable.

Brush Your Dentures Daily

You will want to ensure that you give your dentures a thorough brushing every day to ensure that they are clean, and any food particles or residue have been removed. Daily brushing will help to remove any film or plaque that builds up and will also help to ensure that your dentures do not become stained. You will want to use a brush that is designed for use with dentures and has soft bristles. Hard bristles can wear down the dentures and damage them over time. To help keep your dentures in excellent condition, you will also want to make sure that you rinse them after every meal to remove any food particles and help to prevent excessive staining.

How to take care of your dentures

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Use Denture Cleaner

It is also essential that you use denture cleaner when you are cleaning them and avoid using toothpaste as this is abrasive and can damage them. Many cleaning products that we have in our homes can often be abrasive, so if you run out of denture cleaner, you can use a mild dishwashing detergent or hand soap. You will also want to avoid any products which can bleach the dentures and change the colour of the pink part of the dentures. For excellent cleaning results, you may wish to consider investing in an ultrasonic denture cleaner which cleans them overnight as you sleep.

Keep Your Dentures Safe

You will need to ensure that you keep your dentures safe when they are not in use or being cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. When you are not wearing your dentures, you will want to keep them moist and in a protective container, which will keep them safe for when you are ready to wear them. Speak to your dentist about keeping your dentures in excellent condition and they will be able to recommend the best way to keep them clean and in as good a condition as when you first put them in. 

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