Help A Loved One Who’s Ill

It is an inevitable aspect of life, but it is also an unpleasant one. All of us succumb to illness during our lives, with some obviously more perilous than others. Illnesses such as flu, a cold and migraines are not necessarily dangerous, but they make us feel terrible all the less. There are illnesses which are much more hazardous to our health, and ones which can affect us for the rest of our lives. There is no need to mention these as we all know which types are the most dangerous and which can affect us the most.

Help A Loved One Who's suffering from illnesses

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When a loved one develops a long-term illness, it can be an upsetting time but it is important for us, them, and everyone else who is close to the person that they are provided with help, support, care and guidance to help them get through the difficult time they are experiencing. The older we get the more likely we are to develop illnesses, and if you have an older person within your circle of loved ones, take the time to care for them and assist them in anything they may need – it is a generous and also appreciative thing to do.

If the person who is ill requires help with their daily routine, then you can either help them (if you are not busy during the day) by offering to go and get their groceries, take them out for an hour or two for a bite to eat or a coffee, or visit them in the morning, lunchtime and before they go to bed. A morning visit will mean a good start to the day for them and you can help them with their breakfast or morning activities, lunchtime means you can help them prepare their lunch, and an evening visit can provide them with some much needed company instead of them passing the time reading a book or watching TV.

However, if living at their home means that they can’t support themselves and it is becoming very demanding on you and your family, with the constant support, then you may want to think about asking the person to move to a dedicated care environment where they can be cared for by professionals. If this is the case for you, then research some moving companies who can provide help in the move, meaning less stress will be put on you.

It can be a difficult time transitioning from living at home, to a care environment, for the person. But, over time the likelihood is that they will become used to their new home, and may even feel positive that they are able to get all the care they need, without putting pressure on you. You can still visit the person regularly in their new environment, and actually this is a necessary measure to ensure they are safe, protected and not vulnerable due to insufficient care being provided to them. Help a loved one who’s ill by doing the best thing for them – and you.*This is a collaborative post

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