Choosing a Wooden Playhouse for your Garden

A wooden playhouse is the dream birthday or Christmas present for many children. Despite being located just a few feet away from the house, the playhouse is a world of its own to your child. This is the place where they might spend hours daily daydreaming, organising imaginary parties with imaginary friends, or even to hide away after a stern lecture. In other words, a kids playhouse will be an important element of your child’s life. As such, it would be prudent to do plenty of research before committing to buy one – and we’d like to offer some help with your deliberations.

Choosing a wooden playhouse for your garden

Tips on buying a wooden playhouse

Wooden houses come in many sizes, shapes and theme. In order to buy the perfect house for your child or children, you have to first determine the theme that they like. A gingerbread shaped house? A Swiss cottage? A lodge? A castle tower? Show you children some images and gauge their reaction. After you’ve determined the theme, you can move on to the size. How old are you children? How big of a playhouse do they require? Do you need an activity or swing set attachment? Once you’ve established these criteria, you will be able to quickly filter out unsuitable options.

Next up, is the assembly. Almost all wooden houses in the market today require assembly, some more than others. However, many require additional pieces of lumber and building materials. Be honest with yourself. Are you capable of performing the assembly and construction? You can’t take any chances – your children will be spending a lot of time inside the house.

In addition, do you have tools for the job? Can you improvise when the pre-drilled holes are wrongly aligned? Can you build a drain system for rainwater? Can you smoothen rough wall surfaces with a dozen splinters on standby? Determine how much extra work and money is needed to complete the house before committing to a purchase. And factor in the cost of hiring someone to help you. It also would be prudent to read the comments on the website from previous buyers – their feedback could be helpful.

After narrowing your options further, your final consideration is the EN71 certification. The EN71 is a certification process which complies to the standards outlined in U.K.’s Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011 and the European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. This certification provides parents with peace of mind. Sure, accidents can anywhere and anytime, but products built based on stringent requirements tend to fare much better compared to those that don’t.

A Cheaper Alternative – Play Tents!

If the prospect of a wooden house has suddenly become too intimidating, perhaps it’s time to consider a cheaper alternative – a play tent.

Play tents are easy to set up shelters that can be used either indoors or outdoors. In fact, some variants can also be used for camping trips.

Choosing a play tent for your garden

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Play tents come in various designs and sizes, ranging from a simple pop up castle to a boxy house with zipped up entrance. They are easy to assemble and easy to clean. And as we mentioned, they are relatively cheap.


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