What We Enjoyed In October 2019

I know I was really late with my September round-up family diary post, so this month I’m trying to be early with this one! Of course last month we had an extremely busy month with Bluestone and BlogOn and I thought October would be quieter. But no, October has been a bit of a crazy month as well. So here is what we enjoyed in October 2019.

What we enjoyed in October 2019
What we enjoyed in October 2019

After all these years of blogging about random stuff in our lives, I’ve finally discovered our niche. Now I’ve always said Rachel Bustin was a nicheless blog, but recently we discovered our love of toys and our home – Cornwall. Therefore you will see many more posts on Cornwall and what’s going on in our local area, as well as our regular toy reviews.

Two little Monkeys
Two Little Monkeys

We’ve used our Heligan Garden’s locals passes twice this month. At the start, we went to the Heligan Harvest and made corn dollies. The displays of all the harvest vegetables were amazing. Then right at the end of the month, we went on their Heligan, the good, the bad and the bugly trail. That was huge fun. We stroked an owl and did lots of crafts in their tent which was brilliant. I haven’t drawn with charcoal since I was at school!

Heligan Harvest 2019
Heligan Harvest 2019

We went pumpkin picking at Trevaskis Farm, Little Dottie slept the whole time, but L had lots of fun choosing the right one. Not forgetting a jump in a muddy puddle!

Pumpkin Patch at Trevaskis Farm
Pumpkin Patch at Trevaskis Farm

At preschool, L was given her first proper homework and it was a reading challenge.

L Reading her favourite book at Heligan Gardens
L Reading her favourite book at Heligan Gardens

Mr B and I celebrated our 11-year anniversary. We have two anniversaries a year – our wedding one and when we met, why not?? We went out for a lovely meal at Boo Koos in Falmouth. It’s an American style restaurant with the most amazing burgers, jalapeno chilli cheese fries, and a chocolate cherry milkshake. We then had a little look around in the shops for getting ideas on Christmas gifts for the family. I love to buy mens knitwear for Christmas gifts, for my brother and Mr B’s brother.

In the BlogOn goody bag, I received in September was a fantastic box of lemon mints from Peppersmith. They were kind enough to send me a taster box full of mints, gum, and pastilles to try out the other flavours. I always keep a box in the car!

The great thing about the mints is that they are great for your teeth, sugar-free and it’s recommended to chew one after a meal. I have a particular fondness for the lemon mints. They use 100% plant-based Xylitol so no chemical nasties.

What we enjoyed in October 2019 -  mints and gum
Peppersmith mints and gum

Towards the end of the month, I was very busy putting my Christmas Gift Guide together. It takes me hours each year to photograph, write up and promote. But I’m so pleased with this years – it’s my best yet! You can find it here >> The Bumper Family Christmas Gift Guide.

I also have lots of giveaways running at the moment you can find over on my competitions page – great for Christmas gifts!

enjoyed in October 2019 - Halloween outfit for Preschool
Halloween outfit for Preschool

We have reviewed lots of toys this month:

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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4 thoughts on “What We Enjoyed In October 2019

  1. You look like you have had so much fun! Can’t wait to see what you get up to for the rest of the year! Lots of adventures I am sure

  2. Me and my husband also have 2 anniversary’s. I’ve checked out your gift guide and it’s incredible, so many good ideas.

  3. I think it’s great that you have 2 anniversaries I never thought of that one . Sounds like you’ve had a good month. The little one is getting bigger gosh doesn’t seem long since she was born. Lovely photographs x

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