The Tinderbox by Laura Elliot – Book Review

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I’m excited today to kick off the blog tour for The Tinderbox by Laura Elliot. Old creepy houses are a favourite of mine. You are in for a treat!

The Tinderbox by Laura Elliot - Book Review

Book Description

In the small hours of a cold winter morning, charcoal grey clouds gather in the sky over Hyland Hall where a young teenage girl is about to make an emergency call to say her life is in danger …

With her marriage in pieces and desperate to find work and a new home for her and daughters, Isobel and Julie, Sophy accepts a job as a live-in nurse for Jack Hyland.

Once a magnificent house, Hyland Hall has fallen into disrepair and its owner, Jack, disfigured in a terrible fire that broke out on the property years ago, is now a recluse.

As Sophy’s daughters struggle to adjust to their new surroundings, exploring every forbidden corner of the house, Sophy does her best to care for Jack and her broken family.

But Jack has secrets of his own and Sophy’s arrival is about to set in motion a chain of events that will uncover the devastating truth of Hyland Hall’s past. A truth that will put her daughters in harm’s way.

An intense and emotionally engrossing read that will keep you compulsively turning the pages late into the night. If you read one book this year, make it The Tinderbox.

What I Thought

The Tinderbox starts off in a panic with a call to the emergency services regarding a hostage situation. This got the book off to a great start. It starts in the future with the hostage situation, then backtracks to the start of the story leading up to that.

Sophy is practically falling apart. She has no home for herself and two daughters, no job and her marriage is in tatters. She has no choice but to take up a job as a live-in nurse for a recluse called Jack Hyland. Owner of the dark and mysterious Hyland Hall. Severely disfigured from a fire at the house, Jack lives upstairs and will not see anyone but Sophy and his nephew.

Sophy’s and her daughters get involved with the mystery surrounding Hyland Hall and it will keep you turning that page hungry for more! It’s a creepy, family saga, brimming with deceit where secrets come thick and fast. I don’t think you will be putting this one down until you are finished!

5 out of 5 stars

Author Bio

Laura Elliot is an Irish novelist who writes psychological thrillers and lives in Dublin, Ireland. Her novels are: The Thorn Girl, The Wife Before Me, Guilty, Sleep Sister, The Betrayal, Fragile Lies, Stolen Child and The Prodigal Sister. Her latest novel, The Tinderbox is due for release in December 2020. AKA June Considine, she had written twelve books for children and young adults. She has worked as a journalist and magazine editor.

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4 thoughts on “The Tinderbox by Laura Elliot – Book Review

  1. Dear Rachel,
    Thank you so much for featuring my book on your wonderful blog and for writing such a thoughtful review. Sending a new book out into the world is always nerve-racking and your kindness has made it a little easier. Thank you!
    Every best wish
    Laura Elliot
    AKA June Considine

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