A Fantastic Book Win: Patalosh – The Time Travellers

I won this gorgeous book with a Goodreads giveaway on the 31st March and it arrived on the 8th April. It has travelled a long way from Los Angeles, California to Cornwall, United Kingdom but was wonderfully packaged so arrived undamaged.
The book is called Patalosh – The Time Travellers by Z Altug and Tracey Gensler and is aimed at children 8-12 ish. I received a hardback copy which has a very eye catching cover with a huge orange pumpkin on the front. The story is from an adventure-fantasy genre, based around the main character who is 10 year old Orion Spence. Orion must save his family, who are a captain and an officer on a time-travelling spaceship that have been kidnapped by an evil emperor.
I know it seems to be aimed mainly at children but with myself being a big kid I think adults could enjoy it as well!

From my first observations without reading the book, there are lots of brilliant illustrations from the authors throughout. They give the reader an image in their mind of the setting and characters, which is especially important in young readers development.
When I win a book I really love the fact that the author has taken the time to sign and add a little message inside, this means a lot to me as a huge booklover.
I loved the personal message card tucked inside the envelope so much that I wanted to share it with you. A beautiful thought from the author. This tells me that they care a lot about their work and I feel honored to share it with you.
When I have read the book over the next few weeks, I will write a bookreview for you to let you know how I get on with Orion’s adventure.
Rachel xx


Thank you for sharing

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