Top Hair Trends for Summer 2018

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As we approach Summer, it’s time to look at the top hair trends for Summer 2018. Bold experimental looks and colours are all in. With throwback looks of the 70’s and 90’s. Middle partings and oversized braids are going to be huge this year.

Hair Styles

Sleek and structured updos are big on the catwalk. They show off the face, team it with a stunning dress and you are sorted for a night out.

Short bob styles with the ends curled in are big news for the easy to maintain look. In fact if you have a problem with a receding hairline and not feeling the most confident you can opt for lace front wigs which can make you feel amazing about your hair. You wouldn’t know it but the woman in the photo below is wearing one.

bob- top hair trends of Summer 2018

Photo credit: Divatress.

Hair Colours

We have all been loving the unicorn hair colours, but for the top hair trends for Summer 2018, there are these new hair colours on the up. Firstly you have Coffee Balayage, layers of different coffee shades. From dark espresso to latte shades. Next up comes Gem Roots. This is where you start off with darker coloured roots, like deep purple shades then go lighter through pastel shades of green, blue until you end up with silvery blonde tips. Thirdly you have Fruit Juice Hair which is for brunettes. Shades of reddish browns is sure to be a hit.


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5 thoughts on “Top Hair Trends for Summer 2018

  1. I decided to try a graduated bob which looked great but was high maintenence for me so I’ve grown it out and gone back to my boring style!

  2. I’m in desperate need of a new style. I’ve just let my hair get longer and longer and it doesn’t suit me. Going to have a good three inches lopped off this Sunday I think! Eek!

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