Frozen Desserts Review - Peppa Pig Ice Cream Lollies & WeightWatchers Sundaes

I have an enormous sweet tooth, as you probably know, so being asked to taste some frozen desserts was like hell yeah of course I will give them a go. Even the Peppa Pig Ice cream lollies!

Of course you can’t send ice cream through the post, so we were given a few coupons and a list of retailers to find our sweet fun frozen desserts. We packed up baby girl and out we went to various supermarkets that stock these lines. We couldn’t find any of the Thornton’s desserts stocked in any of my local supermarkets that was on our list, but we found these great tasting Peppa Pig strawberry ice cream lollies and the WeightWatchers toffee and honeycomb sundaes.

Peppa Ice Cream Lollies

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Our #TearsIntoSmiles Challenge With Elastoplast 

Baby girl is now very confident walking and running round at 15 months old. As the weather is lovely at the moment we love to take her down to our local park the park keepers do such an excellent job keeping the flower beds bright and colourful at thhis time of year.  It’s imprtant to get out in the fresh air for not only exercise to but to keep healthy in mind as well.

#TearsIntoSmiles with Elastoplast

Sometimes her body moves faster than her little legs resulting in lots of little tumbles! We have had a few tears. So when we were asked how we turn #TearsIntoSmiles for the Elastoplast campaign we came up with a few ideas.

Malpas Park Truro, Cornwall

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Finding clothes for a tall man

Finding a pair of jeans or a longer t-shirt is a nightmare when your husband is 6ft 5 inches tall. I won’t go on about his size 14 feet! That’s another story.

Finding clothes for a tall man is nigh on impossible on the high street and supermarket clothing departments.

Many a time we have wandered through the racks at Tescos looking for a t-shirt that fits and doesn’t ride up past his tummy button. You would be surprised how short those t-shirts are!

He is not into ankle riders either, so as you can tell it’s hard to find clothes that fit.

The genius website that is Jacamo is ideal for my husband. They cater for the tall and larger men.

As shown in the photo below the length in the polo neck t-shirt is great. Plenty of length which in turn gives him a more comfort fit.

Finding Clothes for a Tall Man

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A Child and Wildlife Friendly Garden For The Summer

For most children, there can’t be anything more exciting than playing in the garden. For most parents, though, there isn’t anything more stressful on earth than their children playing in the garden. It’s one of those eternal dilemmas that we can’t resolve.

There is a way to make them child-safe without making them dull. Outdoor activities are essential in the development of your child. Consequently, you don’t want to introduce your child to the sanitised pleasure of plastic grass and fake flowers. It is about combining the excitement of wildlife and nature in the safest possible way for your children. It’s said that urban children don’t know much about farm animals. While it is difficult for them to interact with a cow or a hen, there is no reason for them not to recognise the basic British birds and bugs of garden life. After all, a little bit of nature has never hurt anyone.

Childproofing Your Garden

Childproofing the garden may sound a little overwhelming at first. It is about limiting risks so that your child can play outside without getting injured. The main areas of danger, in the garden, are the fences, the pond, and the edging decoration when children could fall and hurt themselves. Fences, if they are made of wood, need to be smooth to the touch and firmly planted into the ground. If you have a water feature, it is essential that you keep it safe, as young children could easily fall into a pond or a low fountain. When it comes to edges, your best bet is to avoid any rock and stone edge so that you don’t have to rush to A&E for emergency stitching.

Garden fence

Smooth garden fence

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#LuckyLinky Week 9

Hello and welcome back to #LuckyLinky week 9.

Thank you so much to those of you that linked up last week!

As you all know I love to enter competitions and have been doing it for years, much longer than I have been blogging! So we want to see all your lovely competitions all in one place. It will make it much easier for all of us who love to enter competitions and for compers who want to find new and exciting competitions.

#LuckyLinky Week 9

The Competition Linky to get your competition more entries with NO comments required!

We run from Monday to Sunday and all bloggers are welcome to add any and all competitions they are running!

 Join Katie (MummyinaTutu) and I in a competition frenzy!

Each week we retweet your posts if you tag us in your tweet (@mummyinatutu & @rachelbustin) and will also enter each and every competition ourselves!

We will also add your post to the #LuckyLinky Competition Page over on Facebook! Please remember to put a badge on it and use the #LuckyLinky hashtag to spread the love.

rachel bustin

#LuckyLinky Rules:

1. Add the #luckylinky badge to the HTML / Text portion of your post. If you need any help linking up, read the fabulous Linky Guide from Cuddle Fairy or tweet us (@mummyinatutu @rachelbustin).

2. Please do 1 entry on both hosts competitions (if we’re running any) and 1 entry on the 2 competitions after yours (if you want to do more then great!)

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Thanks for linking up!  Katie & Rachel

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our facebook page LuckyLinky Competitions if you fancy entering a few yourself!


Xupo Review and Giveaway

​​Are you like me and always losing your keys? Well this handy little gadget – the Xupo is perfect for finding keys and also your smart phone! It has many features available for download and is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Find and secure anything from your smart phone


Xupo review and giveaway. Find and secure anything from your smartphone

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