New Mum Stories: Mini Me and Luxury

Hello, welcome back to another installment of New Mum Stories. It’s been a while since the last New Mum Story but as I’m getting ready to become a mum again in a few months I thought I would bring this series back to reminisce all over again!

This week I’m joined by Mama from Mini Me and Luxury a Luxury Lifestyle, Travel and Parenting blog.



Over to you Mama..

Pregnant at 31 with my first (and only) child, my friends and family keep saying to me “you will find this easy, you have looked after 1000’s babies” and indeed I had, during my career as a professional nanny and maternity nurse.

However nothing prepared me to become a new mum.

My pregnancy was straight forward and I worked until 34 weeks until flying around the world became a little too much, and then I went home and decorated  my house and caught up with family and friends. Suddenly at 39 weeks on Mother’s Day 2013 Minime arrived in just 4 hours, weighing 7lb 6oz.

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PalmistryHD App Review

When I was younger I used to be an avid reader of horoscopes, fortune-telling and loved all the palm reading stuff. It was intriguing. Before I met my husband I was slightly obsessed with reading all about the love and relationship bits. When was going to meet the man of my dreams? I suppose it’s all a bit of fun!

Now I don’t read the relationship parts but more about the career and money side of it. Will I win the lottery? Haha I wish, it’s all so much fun isn’t it? So when I was asked to have a look at the new Palmistry app I thought why not? I don’t particularly take it seriously but I know some people do.

PalmistryHD - App Review

The idea behind the app is to tell you your fortune and reveal your future.

How It Works

All you have to do is take a photo of your palm through the app on your phone and it will analyse the results using a powerful biometric algorithm. It will give you a personal prediction of your health, love life, success, career, money and happiness.

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La Belle Assiette Private Chef Experience

Back in November we were asked to review the private dining experience with our very own private chef in collaboration with La Belle Assiette . We had our evening booked in for Saturday just gone, it was a blustery rainy Saturday night so we were glad to not be going out. That’s the beauty of having a chef come round and cook in your own kitchen. We didn’t have to worry about childcare, getting a taxi and could have a drink if we wished with high quality food in the comfort of our own home. Obviously I can’t drink as I’m pregnant!

Our Chef Daniel Kerr arrived in plenty of time before our guests arrived. I showed him briefly around our kitchen where the pots and pans were and left him to get on with the dinner. He brought all the fresh ingredients with him which were local to us. I’m all about local produce as Cornwall produces such high quality food all around us.

Private Chef home dining Experience with La Belle Assiette

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Living Arrows 3/53 (2018)

Living Arrows 3/53 (2018) – It only seemed like yesterday I was writing last week’s Living Arrows post. The day’s seem to be flying by. Being 26 weeks pregnant and running around after a toddler makes time go by in the blink of an eye.

The idea behind Living Arrows is to celebrate childhood. It’s name is taken from a poem by Kahlil Gibran,

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

This week we needed to buy wellies for baby girl. She has grown out of her pink cat wellies so we popped into Tescos and found some pink unicorn ones. While we we there I couldn’t help but browse the baby clothes. They look so tiny to me now! I have kept all of baby girl’s clothes from 6 months up but I sold all her newborn ones.

I find she is growing so fast at the moment, at 23 months old some of her clothes are already 3-4 year olds. I guess she takes after her 6 ft 5 dad. Next up we need to go and look at some girls coats for her as I don’t think her little parka coat will last her much longer!

Living Arrows 3/53 (2018)

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Turning Your Garden Into A Homely Paradise

Spring will be on the way soon so now is the time to start thinking about and planning your garden space. A garden is more than a patch of grass – it’s part of your home. If you feel disheartened every time you look out of your kitchen window at the overgrown mess outside then it’s time to put some love and attention back into your outdoor space. Your home could become so much bigger if you spent some time appreciating your garden and relaxing there with the family; you’ll gain an extra “room”, essentially.

Turning Your Garden Into A Homely Paradise

Picture Source

Here’s some advice on turning your garden into a homely paradise.

Get gardening.

The best way to turn your garden into a beautiful space is to get gardening. Planting more flowers and plants adds vibrancy and life to this outdoor area. You could even check out for a greenhouse in which you could grow vegetables or plants. Even if you’ve never been particularly “green-fingered” in the past, it’s never too late for anyone to get started. Getting invested in your garden will give you a reason to keep returning to it. You won’t ignore that overgrown lawn or wilting flowerbed if you want to be out there tending to your garden. Turning your garden into a homely paradise is much like turning your home’s interior into a paradise; you need to regularly maintain your garden so as to keep it looking nice.

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#LuckyLinky Week 41

Hello and welcome back to #LuckyLinky Week 41.

As you all know I love to enter competitions and have been doing it for years, much longer than I have been blogging! So I want to see all your lovely competitions all in one place. It will make it much easier for all of us who love to enter competitions and for compers who want to find new and exciting competitions.

#LuckyLinky Week 41

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