Sexual Health Week With Intimina

Today sees the start of Sexual Health Week 2018. This year it is all about consent, a topic that underpins all our work on relationships, sexual health and well being.

Sexual Health Week with the ziggy cup

I have joined up with Intimina and the Ziggy Cup which is the world’s first reusable menstrual cup that can be worn during sex to help promote Sexual Health Week 2018. It sets a new standard for menstrual cup innovation. Combining comfort, security and body-safe medical-grade silicone the Ziggy Cup gives women the freedom to do just about anything.

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Win a month’s supply of the Fertility Supplement Proceive

I know how hard it can be to conceive. It took us 3 years to get my first daughter. So I’m happy to team up with Proceive to let you know about a new fertility supplement Proceive. You will find more info below on Proceive, plus further down you have the chance to win a months supply for both the woman and man.

Proceive Women Pack - fertility supplement

About Proceive

Newly launched to the UK market, Proceive is a ground-breaking range of scientifically formulated fertility supplements for couples trying to conceive.

We understand that successful conception is about both of you, which is why our range of supplements focuses on the nutritional needs of both men and women, in equal measure.

Each formulation, for him and for her, contains an active blend of the key amino acids, vitamins, and minerals needed to support the nutritional needs of the body and provide optimum conditions for successful conception.

With deep understanding and expertise in the emotional and physical challenges 1 in 6 couples face on their conception journey, Proceive offers more than just superior nutritional support.

Visit the Proceive website to find easily accessible, expert information before embarking on your conception journey.

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Six Tips for a Cosy Winter

Winter is on its way! It’s time to make your home cosy for the coldest time of the year.

The mornings are dark, there’s a crisp wind in the air and the markets are here. Yes, its official, winter is on its way. Say bye to the heatwave of summer 2018 and hello to our famous British winter time. Our weather history shows that a warm summer means an extra cold winter, so it is time to learn how to get cosy! A cosy home is what we all aim for – there is nothing better than walking inside after a day out in the chilly breeze to a house that feels warming and welcoming. I want my family to step into our house and feel relieved to be home.

Six Tips for a Cosy Winter

It can be tricky to know exactly what to do to give your home that cosy feeling. Lucky for you, I’ve done all the hard work already and put together a few top tips that will help you achieve this.

Here are my six go to tricks for a cosy winter.

Spice it up

Spiced aromas really enhance that cosy winter feeling. There are a variety of ways to achieve these exciting scents. Scented candles are a personal favourite of mine, it is such an easy trick to just light your candle once you’re in the house and let the fragrance spread around. For those of you with fiddly fingers around the house, opt for a plug-in or reed diffusers. They get rid of any fire risk you might be worried about and have the perk of a constant aroma without any hassle. Stick to scents such as cinnamon, gingerbread, wood and chestnut for an extra winter feel.

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2019 Travel Bucket List

While I am sitting here writing this blog post on my 2019 Travel Bucket List. I’m sitting in a gorgeous wooden lodge in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Isn’t it funny that while you are on holiday you always think and plan your next escape?

Mr B and I were looking at holiday destinations this afternoon while it was raining and blowing a hooly outside our lodge, dreaming of where to take the kids next year. We have been discussing whether to keep to the UK or to go abroad.

Do we go somewhere hot? like Spain? Mr B was in fact in Marbella only in June for work and loved it!

Or do we go for somewhere breathtakingly beautiful like Iceland? I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights and stay in an Ice Hotel. I have to say I’m more of a cold weather person. The sun and heat don’t agree with my fair skin and red hair!

2019 Travel Bucket List

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

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The Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum From Casdon Toy Review

Who doesn’t like a Dyson? Well not only are you able to buy a Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum for yourself but you can buy one for your mini-me as well! My toddler is always copying me at the moment and she loves to pick up the dustpan and brush so when we got sent this to try out it was just perfect.

Dyson cord free vacuum

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#SaveChildcareVouchers – Will Closing The Scheme Affect you?

Did you know that as of 4th October 2018 the Childcare Voucher Scheme will close to new entrants? Will this affect you? Many parents and of course future parents to be will lose out on vital childcare support. After this deadline, parents will be unable to join the Childcare Voucher Scheme, this will of course see working families receiving less support for childcare.

Did you know that as of 4th October 2018 the Childcare Voucher Scheme will close to new entrants? Will this affect you? Many parents and of course future parents to be will lose out on vital childcare support.

Being a working mum myself (on maternity leave) this decision could affect us as a family, so I’m joining the campaign to #SaveChildcareVouchers. If you want to help support this why not lobby your MP to keep the scheme open alongside Tax-Free Childcare. Meaning all working parents can choose the support that best suits their individual family needs.

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