#HealthyRedMeat Challenge – Making an Awesome Lasagne

As a farmer’s daughter I have grown up eating red meat, it was always roast beef on Sundays, homemade pasties and of course beef stews with dumplings. This was our food. So when I was asked to join the #HealthyRedMeat challenge with Britmums and the Meat Advisory Panel it was like the perfect challenge made for me!

cows - #HealthyRedMeat challenge

Nowadays red meat has been in the spotlight quite a lot, and experts fear that the nutritional benefits have been overshadowed by misleading negative views. To cut through the confusion, the Meat Advisory Panel, an independent group of health and nutrition experts, is partnering with BritMums to promote red meat in the diets of children.

As a busy working mum I batch cook most of our food, so when both my husband and myself get in from a long day at work, it’s just a matter of heating up what I have made previously. One of my favourite batch cook meals is lasagne. Out of one 750g packet of mince I can make enough lasagnes for the whole week for the three of us. It also happens to be one of our favorite meals so we honestly don’t get bored eating it for a week! I do garlic bread extra vegetables and sometimes chips or salad to go with.

#HealthyRedMeat Challenge with the Meat Advisory Panel

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Even The Smallest Businesses Should Bring On These 3 Advisors

Ask anyone with entrepreneurial experience about going it alone with your business and they will tell you – in no uncertain terms – that your chances are slim at best. If the entrepreneur you are speaking to is successful, they are successful because they built an advisory board that they could trust. If the entrepreneur you are speaking to has consistently failed to be successful it is because they failed to bring on any advisors.

Now we have cleared that up, the big question is which advisors do you need to bring on? Well, from our research, it is abundantly clear that there are three advisors that you need to hook up with as early as possible because they will each have a critical role to play in your success.

Even The Smallest Businesses Should Bring On These 3 Advisors - three advisors for small businesses

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This Advice Will Help You To Become A Successful Writer

Most people who enjoy writing in their spare time would love to earn money from their hobby, become a successful writer and turn it into a job. However, except for a few folks who manage to sell their stories to publishers, a significant percentage of those individuals will never create a penny income. That is the case even if the writer has a lot of talent. In most instances, anyone who wants to switch career and try writing just needs to think long and hard about the type of content they produce. Unfortunately fictional stories are never going to get as much attention as blog posts on niche subjects.

Considering that, this step by step guide will provide lots of advice about the best path to follow. 

This Advice Will Help You To Become A Successful Writer


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Hair and Nail Trends for Autumn/Winter 2017

I might not be the most beauty/fashion conscious person but I do like to keep up with the trends, I read quite a lot online and of course all the fashion magazines. So this year I have decided to write a post on the hair and nail trends for Autumn/Winter 2017. Many of you loved my Summer Checklist earlier in the year, and so here I am with what is predicted for hair and nails this season.

Hair and Nail Trends Autumn/Winter 2017

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Review: The Twist Curling Wand from Xtava

It’s been awhile since I curled my hair, in fact I have always been a fan of straightening it. So when I was accepted to review this curling wand from xtava, I thought it was a good time to put some curls into my hair, long bouncy curls not tight ringlets.

I was pleasantly surprised at the packaging, you see the curling wand is a steal at only £20. It’s packaging would suggest a price at the top end, maybe closer to £80-£100. Inside the geometric designed box is another hard black box which contains the travel pouch containing the curling wand. Also included is a heat-resistant glove and instruction booklet.

Twist curling wand from Xtava

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DVD Review: Spark – One Small Hero

I have a week off work this week, so it’s the ideal time to catch up on relaxing movie time! Baby girl and I love watching films on the sofa when dad is at work, it’s our time.

This week sees the release of Spark. A thrilling intergalactic animated film with the adventures of a teen monkey, Spark – one small hero and his ragtag team.

DVD Review: Spark - one small hero

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