Well it’s Thursday again and I thought I would do another 7 Hints and Tips, as it’s been a while. This time it’s for using a slow cooker and some easy recipe ideas to go with it.
Earlier in the year we bought a slow cooker, and it has been a life saver with a new baby. I am sure we wouldn’t have been eating as healthy if we did not have it.
We have found we can eat so much more cheaply while using a slow cooker, great if you are on a strict food budget.
Beef and Vegetables

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Last week I got a slow cooker for my birthday. I have wanted one for ages but have never got around to actually buying one. For my first cook I thought I would start simple and just do beef and vegetables. I know people usually use a slow cook type of beef like braising steak or brisket but all I had was a small joint of topside in my fridge, so I sliced this up into steaks. I made this recipe up as I went along and it turned out very tasty!
                 Slow Cooker vegetables

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I won these beautiful boxes of asparagus with @GrownWithLove on Twitter last week. It might sound strange to some of you, but I have never tried asparagus before so this is an ideal chance for me to discover what it’s all about. They look very beautiful and fresh.
I have been reading up on what asparagus actually is and how can it benefit you. 

Apparently asparagus is a spring vegetable and only the young shoots are eaten before the buds start to open otherwise they turn woody.
Asparagus is very low in calories and low in sodium. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals like calcium, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E.
Here are 7 Hints and Tips on what you can do with asparagus and would like to try out for myself:
  1. Grilled asparagus with dill butter and a sprinkling of Parmesan – perfect for a side vegetable dish with fish.
  2. Asparagus risotto 
  3. Cornish Mackerel with asparagus and grapefuit 
  4. The classic poached egg on roasted asparagus with chorizo – perfect for a starter.
  5. Salmon and asparagus terrine – ideal for a nibble on some oat cakes
  6. Asparagus smoothies with spinach, apple and melon – a great refreshing snack after a work out
  7. Fresh asparagus soup with a light seasoning of salt and black pepper – superb for a light spring lunch with some crusty white bread

What are your favourite asparagus recipes? I would love to hear all about them.
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Rachel xx

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