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My Family - Rachel Bustin
Hello, my name is Rachel. A 34 year old working first time mum to a baby girl born in February 2016. We, that’s my 6ft 5 husband Dave, baby girl and I live in Cornwall, one of the most stunning places in the country. Although I have lived here all my life!
I started blogging back in March 2015, before becoming a mum. To begin with I blogged about books, gardening, food. Generally anything that cropped up in my head. Since becoming a mum I started documenting our parenting journey through updates and family topics as well. I’m a kind of nicheless blog because I cover so many things, but as this is my little space of the web I will write about anything and everything. I apologise if you were looking for the normal typical mummy blog!
This is our family life unscripted….
I hope you enjoy reading my blog. If you would like to work with us, you can find my details over on the work with us page, or alternatively email me at rachel@rachelbustin.com